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0003126FSSCPtablespublic2014-10-18 18:382014-10-24 16:20
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Summary0003126: FreeSpace can't load more than 32 of a modular table type
DescriptionI had a modular scripting table that suddenly stopped working without any warning. On looking in the debug log, the table wasn't being loaded, despite being in the root data/tables.

Counting the number of loaded tables, there was 32 entries. I added one more modular scripting table to the bunch and re-ran debug. There were still 32 entries!

I brought it up in #scp and Mageking seems to have found the limitation and has a patch to fix it. The test build does appear to fix the problem.
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Attached Filespatch tbm_fix.patch (3,393) 2014-10-18 18:39

2014-10-18 18:39   
Basically, we had a hardcoded limitation for no immediately apparent reason. There was existing code to do the same thing with a vector, so I tried it, and apparently it worked. Patch attached.
2014-10-24 03:03   
looks good to me; I'll commit... soon (tm)
2014-10-24 16:20   
Fix committed to trunk@11156.

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