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Summary0003104: MSVC project files: "Release AVX" actually just SSE2 with different name
DescriptionWhile the "Debug AVX" has optimization set to "Advanced Vector Extensions" as you'd expect, the "Release AVX" profile (on all project files) is set to "Steaming SIMD Extensions 2", making them just SSE2 builds with "AVX" in the filename (I did think it was odd that my old processor, which did not support AVX, seemed to have no problem running The_E's original test build).
Additional InformationI know the project files have been in need of cleanup (and I think cmake is supposed to help in that regard?), but when I came across this particular oddity, I wasn't sure if it should be fixed by itself before a more general cleanup. On the one hand, it's the most egregious problem I've seen in the project files (compared to, say, copying a file twice). On the other hand, AVX builds still aren't included in release posts. On balance, I decided to just create this issue without a target version and see what other people thought.
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2015-04-22 16:23   
Fix committed to trunk@11318.

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