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0003101FSSCPdockingpublic2014-08-24 16:212014-08-26 00:46
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.7.5 
Summary0003101: Support Ship Can't Dock Error
DescriptionFSO throws an error when the support ship is called but the player ship doesn't have a docking point. Causes a crash on Ubuntu according to praseodym:

Can be fixed mission side, but it doesn't make logical sense to be able to call a support ship if your ship can't receive one. Better way to handle this?

Test Mission Attached. (Should be run with BP)
Steps To ReproduceCall a support ship when in the Spacesuit.
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Attached Files? MantisSupportShipTestMission.fs2 (4,436) 2014-08-24 16:21
log fs2_open.log (73,752) 2014-08-24 22:57
png dockerror.png (60,663) 2014-08-24 23:03

2014-08-24 21:54   
Can you attach a screenshot of the error, as well as your fs2_open.log? I'm surprised this causes a problem because FSO should accommodate this already.
2014-08-24 23:07   
Additional info, debug throws a repeating warning when the comm menu is brought up. As you can see the standard build throws the error when the support ship has jumped in.
2014-08-25 01:14   
(Last edited: 2014-08-25 01:19)
You said it throws an error, but the log has only warnings. I don't see a problem with throwing a warning here...

EDIT: Apparently reading is hard (I blame tiredness). So the constant warnings prevent you from ever trying to call the support ship in the first place? What if you use shift+R?

2014-08-25 21:52   
Debug keeps the support ship from jumping in. This should probably the target behavior (minus the warning message). Standard build allows the support ship to jump in and trigger the error.
2014-08-26 00:27   

So yes, I remembered correctly and FSO does check for this. The problem is that for optimization purposes, and because mods should disallow this situation, it only performs the check on debug mode.

A simple fix would be to perform the check in all circumstances, but this would remove the optimization. More thought is needed.
2014-08-26 00:46   
I've committed an accommodation so that release builds won't crash and debug builds will only display the warning once. But this is really a mod error and mod authors should take care that all their player-flyable ships that fly in missions where support is allowed should have support ship dockpoints.

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