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0003054FSSCPmodelspublic2014-06-05 08:422014-07-14 06:10
Assigned Toniffiwan 
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Product Version3.7.2 RC2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.7.2 
Summary0003054: campaigns without starting weapons cause crashes
DescriptionAnd the crash is possibly the least helpful error I've seen to date.

ASSERTION FAILED: "Polygon_models[num]->id == model_num" at model/modelread.cpp:2979 Index collision between model warp.pof and requested model 0. Please backtrace and investigate.

Yep. No starting weapons in the campaign and it crashes with a model error, in the loadout screen, when you select the weapons tab. Incidentally, you can launch a mission, but you get no weapons on your ship. The best bit is that FSO helpfully saves this bogus info to your pilot file, meaning I needed to delete my campaign file before the "fixed" campaign would work.

ANYWAY. A campaign without starting weapons is probably an error (i.e. bad data) anyway, but it shouldn't cause crashes. The loadout code needs to handle this more gracefully.
Additional InformationThis is the crashing code, specifically draw_model_rotating():

    if(Wl_icons[Selected_wl_class].model_index != -1) {
        static float WeapSelectScreenWeapRot = 0.0f;
        wl_icon_info *sel_icon = &Wl_icons[Selected_wl_class];
        weapon_info *wip = &Weapon_info[Selected_wl_class];
            gr_screen.res == 0 ? 202 : 332,
            gr_screen.res == 0 ? 185 : 260,
            Weapon_info->closeup_zoom * 0.65f,

From a quick look, it seems that the default model_index should be -1 (not 0) in order to skip attempting to draw the wrong model.
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Attached Filesrar CPVTest.rar (3,915) 2014-06-06 02:48
patch weapon_select.patch (636) 2014-07-01 16:20

2014-07-01 16:23   
Since there is no weapon the code can't assign a valid number to Selected_wl_class (see wl_maybe_reset_selected_weapon_class).
It's default value is -1 and once this function is called it tries to evaluate Wl_icons[-1].model_index which for some reason results in 0.

The remaining code seems to have appropriate if(model_index >= 0) checks and assertions. The patch fixes the crash at least.
2014-07-09 11:06   
The patch looks good to me.
I don't know if a campaign without starting weapons is actually a bug, I can see why a mission designer could want to do it so just checking if Selected_wl_class is not -1 should be sufficient.
2014-07-14 06:06   
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looks good to me as well

Committed in r10918

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