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0003022wxFREDpublic2014-03-17 02:342014-03-17 04:20
Assigned Toniffiwan 
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PlatformWindowsOSVistaOS Versionservice pack 2
Summary0003022: on launch
Descriptionbp-shp.tbm(line 222):
Error: Required token = [#End], [$Subsystem:], [$Name], or [$Template], found [$Glowpoint overrides: ( "red_glow_10:1,2" )].

ntdll.dll! KiFastSystemCallRet
kernel32.dll! WaitForSingleObject + 18 bytes
fs2_open_3_7_0_RC2.exe! <no symbol>
fs2_open_3_7_0_RC2.exe! <no symbol>
fs2_open_3_7_0_RC2.exe! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>
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2014-03-17 04:19   
This is an issue caused by an incorrect install of BP. You need to either:

1) use the provided BP builds


2) install the compatibility VPs and use a 3.7.0 or later build

Lastly - mantis is intended for SCP bug reports, please raise support issues on the HLP forums

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