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0003021FSSCPtablespublic2014-03-16 23:022017-01-20 14:35
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Product Version3.7.0 
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Summary0003021: "target requires fov" flag does not take $Turret Base FOV: in account
DescriptionCausing turrets to remain idle instead of firing at an other valid target within range.
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Attached Filespng basefov.png (424,955) 2014-03-16 23:40

2015-06-14 14:57   
I did some searching and perhaps adding a flag that makes a turret ignore the target radius would be a good solution here?

The flag would most likely take effect somewhere around aiturret.cpp, line 1448.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?
2015-06-14 19:16 Pull Request
2015-06-14 22:06   
Already a flag for this: "only target if can fire"
2015-06-14 22:26   
"only target if can fire" is useless and doesn't do anything in this case.
2015-06-14 23:50   
Well maybe there is a bug in the existing flag because that flag along with the advanced fov edge checks were added for exactly this purpose. The were put in so the Sobek turrets would pick a new target if the existing target went out of the fov.
2015-06-16 14:14   
From looking at the code, it seems that "target requires fov" ultimately results in the SSF_FOV_REQUIRED flag being. The flag works as intended except that it does not make the turret switch targets if its current target passes out of the turrets FOV.

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