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0003008FSSCPgraphicspublic2014-02-16 14:542021-01-09 19:03
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Summary0003008: External weapon fire is off when $Show Primary Models: set to no
DescriptionWeapons that have an external model will fire from the firepoint defined in the external weapon pof, REGARDLESS of whether $Show Primary Models is set to yes or no in the ship table, which makes weapon fire appear from thin air when it's set to no.

Small test mod here:

Test mod requires MVPs because the issue is not exactly easy to notice if you don't have muzzle flashes. Fly an Ulysses with Subachs, $Show Primary Models is set to (no yes) so that you can easily compare.

Confirmed on latest nightly, and nightly from 01/01/2014
Steps To Reproduce1) Have a weapon with an $External Model File: with a firepoint that isn't at 0,0,0
2) Mount said weapon on a gun bank with $Show Primary Models set to no
3) Fire
4) In external view, notice that bullets don't spawn at the ship firepoint, but where the firepoint of the external weapon would be if it was rendered.
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