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0003000FSSCPbeamspublic2014-01-15 18:052014-04-28 07:23
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PlatformallOSwindowsOS Versionwindows 7
Product Version3.7.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.7.1 
Summary0003000: Range and accuracy of the beams on all the ships have suddenly increased.
Description I was playing a mission using the Nightly (Windows): 14 Jan 2014 - Revision 10297. I previously had played the mission with no problems. In the mission I'm supposed to fight off fighters and bombers while an Argo transport and a Hippocrates out run a Hecate, a Deimos and a couple of Aeolus cruisers. But when I start the mission the Hecate's Bgreen starts firing and destroys the Argo that,s 8000 meters away and then the Hippocrates that's 9000 meters away at the beginning of the mission. It appears that the range and accuracy of the beams on all the ships has suddenly increased.
Steps To ReproduceReplayed the mission and got the same results.
Replayed the mission using Nightly (Windows): 05 Jan 2014 - Revision 10280 and the mission worked normally.
Created a test mission and got the same results.
Additional InformationAttached test mission
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2014-01-17 09:54   
Fix committed to trunk@10298.
2014-04-28 07:23   

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