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0002997FSSCPtablespublic2014-01-09 20:232014-02-01 17:00
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Summary0002997: In game crash on missing weapon trail, should be caught during parsing?
DescriptionI was experiencing crashes and decided to debug, to discover that the crash was caused by a ship firing a weapon, debug threw this message at me:

ASSERTION: "ti->texture.bitmap_id != -1" at trails.cpp:193
 Weapon trail could not be loaded
Int3(): From d:\fso\scp - clean\code\globalincs\windebug.cpp at line 1040

After some puzzling I discovered that the weapon table entry was missing +Bitmap: under $Trail: my mistake but, Shouldn't this be caught during the initial game load (as 99% of other table parsing errors are) and not cause a ingame crash instead?
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2014-01-10 09:08   
Should +Bitmap be made required? I don't see how you can use a trail without a bitmap so making it required should fix future problems.
2014-01-18 21:29   
Making +Bitmap required seems like a good idea.
2014-01-19 01:54   
Yes, it's pretty clear that +Bitmap should be a required table item if a weapon trail has been set.

The remaining +Trail items can all be set to default values by the engine, but this section of code/weapon/weapons.cpp shows that the Bitmap will be set to NULL (leading to Assertions() later on).

Interestingly, +Bitmap has been an optional item ever since the Weapon trails were established as part of extensible tables in 2005 by WMCoolman
2014-01-19 02:01   
See proposed patch to resolve per discussion:

For unified diff format, use this link:
2014-02-01 17:00   
Fix committed to trunk@10378.

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