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0002951FSSCPdesign flawpublic2013-11-06 12:522013-12-31 00:00
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Product Version3.7.1 
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Summary0002951: weapon_substitution_pattern is not compatible with POD struct
DescriptionThe weapon_info struct used to be a POD (plain old data) type, but POD types may only contain other POD types. Since weapon_substitution_pattern and weapon_substitution_pattern_names are classes, they violate this requirement.

There are two ways to fix this. One, the fields could be turned into arrays with an accompanying length field, similar to targeting_priorities right above it.

Or two, the weapon_info struct could be turned into a class. Look at object and ship, etc. to see how this should be done. You would need to change "struct" to "class", make all the fields public, add a constructor, and add a clear() method. Then you would have to search the code for all instances of memset, vm_malloc, and vm_free that use weapon_info, and change them to clear(), new, and delete respectively. And if any other structs contain a complete weapon_info struct (as opposed to a pointer to weapon_info), those structs must be changed to classes in the same way.

Your choice how to proceed, but this should be done as soon as possible.
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2013-11-15 23:28   
Since the feature never would have worked in the first place (for the same reasons as the ship template code -- see issue 0002064), I went ahead and removed it.
2013-12-25 23:44   
Reopening since both Spoon and FOTG need access to the $Substitute feature, and therefore the POD issues need to be resolved ASAP.
2013-12-25 23:46   
I will add that due to the urgent need for this feature, if the POD-specific aspects are not fixed this coming weekend, I will re-add the feature -- but I will add it with plain old arrays with fixed limits, not SCP_vectors.
2013-12-30 23:58   
Latest SVN has the modified feature which no longer has memory corruption issues.

I will say, though, that the weapon_substitution_pattern feature is very badly written and deserves a complete rewrite.
2013-12-31 00:00   
Feature will no longer corrupt memory. Resolving ticket.

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