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0002925wxFREDpublic2013-09-28 17:512013-09-28 19:25
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionWin7
Summary0002925: Assert "Assert failure" when opening certain editors
DescriptionAssert "Assert failure" when opening...

Mission Objectives

Does not crash wxFRED, but OK and Cancel no longer work on these windows.
Steps To ReproduceSimply open the editors listed above.
Additional Information..\..\src\common\sizer.cpp(1402): assert "Assert failure" failed in wxGridSizer::DoInsert(): too many items (5 > 2*2) in grid sizer (maybe you should omit the number of either rows or columns?)
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related to 0002926resolved z64555 Assert "m_proportion==0" when opening Mission Specs 
Attached Filespatch mantis_2925.patch (9,415) 2013-09-28 18:46

2013-09-28 18:48   
Patch uploaded. As with 2926, wxFormBuilder has a habit of declaring wxFlexGridSizers with a default value of 2 rows and 2 columns, but doesn't catch the error when you add more items to it in the editor.
2013-09-28 19:18   
Tested and it works.
2013-09-28 19:25   
Fix committed to trunk@9855.

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