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0002919FSSCPtablespublic2013-09-19 01:012017-06-24 20:12
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Product Version3.7.1 
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Summary0002919: Tech-add-intel can't handle localization for intel entries
DescriptionAs reported by Yarn...

The name fields in species.tbl currently have XSTR structures. This is a problem waiting to happen because if a future translation modifies the "Shivans" string at all, then if the game loads the mission that unlocks that intel, it will crash with an "intel not found" error (I don't remember exactly what the message is). This happens because the mission expects an intel entry called "Shivans," but if that string is changed by the XSTR functions (e.g., to "Die Shivaner" as in the German version of FS2), then there would no longer be a "Shivans" intel entry, and the game would crash.
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related to 0002920resolved niffiwan Pilot file code can't handle localization for intel entries 
related to 0003192confirmed  Freespace look always for the translated strings in the missions, not for the initial default one. 
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2013-09-19 01:02   
Fix committed to trunk@9797.

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