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0002910FSSCPuser interfacepublic2013-08-18 09:022021-01-09 05:51
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Product Version3.7.0 RC2 
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Summary0002910: EFF/DDS corruption on cbanis
DescriptionMemory corruption on the linked CBAnim (provided in a minimal retail-based mod folder and a test mission for convenience) -

This CBAni is an EFF using DDS files. It comes from WCS. Trying to run it on a release build causes a crash. Running it on a debug build causes what is shown on the attached screenshot.

After testing multiple FSO versions I have narrowed it down to somewhere between .14 RC7 and RC8 (works on RC7, doesn't work on RC8).

According to The_E, the same CBAni works fine when the files are converted to png.
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Attached Filespng fs2_open_3_7_1_SSE2_BP-DEBUG 2013-08-18 14-58-54-34.png (592,345) 2013-08-18 09:02

2013-08-30 05:49   
I think the bug was introduced in r9109:

Allow generic_anim's to reuse bmpman and texture_cache slots and implement eff streaming. Changed talking heads to use generic_anim. Fixes Mantis 2417
2021-01-09 05:51   
This animation no longer causes a crash and given that other dds EFFs work as expected, I suspect this is an issue caused by errors in these specific DDS files. Convert to PNG or the newer APNG instead.

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