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0002867FSSCPFREDpublic2013-05-09 02:122020-05-03 17:21
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Product Version3.6.19 
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Summary0002867: Save in retail format isn't removing some newer features
DescriptionWanted to save a mission in retail format for some previous version testing. Ran 3.6.9 and got crashes on the fog multiplier stuff and +use table score.

Probably opening up a can of worms on this one.
Steps To ReproduceOpen FRED. Save whatever is there all you need is the default ship. Do a file-new just to be on the safe side. Open the mission back up. Set save type to retail format. Save the mission. Open in notepad and you will see the fog multiplier stuff still there and the +use table score.
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2013-05-31 04:35   
The problem once again is that no one seems to have the faintest clue how to use the compatibility stuff.

I'm pretty much of the opinion that if no one wants to fix it, it should be ripped out and replaced with something easier to understand.
2013-05-31 05:02   
It's not the ;; FSO whatever compatibility stuff it's the save in retail format that should just be skipping non-retail stuff entirely.
2013-09-23 01:33   
Yeah, version-specific commenting is one thing, but saving in retail format is pretty straightforward.
2020-04-29 00:52   
PR posted:
2020-05-03 17:21   
PR merged.

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