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0002838FSSCPPilot datapublic2013-04-04 23:372013-04-05 23:24
Assigned Toniffiwan 
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Product Version3.6.19 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.7.0 
Summary0002838: Squad logos not working
DescriptionSquad logos are not showing up on ships in retail FS2. Works in 3.6.18 doesn't work in latest trunk.
Steps To ReproduceLaunch FS2 with retail data. Create new pilot (this shouldn't matter as I also noticed the bug with converted pilot). Go to barracks you should have a squad logo showing. Launch campaign. Start first training mission. Go to external camera and check your ship. Notice no logo. Exit mission and restart. This time skip training and get the first mission. This mission has a squad reassign in it where training doesn't. Launch notice still no squad logo on ship. Also no logo on wingman (although I didn't test if there actually is supposed to be one).
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related to 0002815resolved niffiwan Bug with changing squadrons in barracks 
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2013-04-05 00:05   
As per Niffiwan's comments in 2815, this is likely the retail Hammerheads bug. Other missions/campaigns are loading squad logos just fine as far as I can tell.. and I tested more than just a single mission.
2013-04-05 22:03   
yeah - from IRC, Hammerheads bug is half the issue. The other half the issue is from 2815, and the latest patch for that should resolve this too. Just waiting on confirmation prior to resolving this one.
2013-04-05 22:29   
Fix for 2815 takes care of this as well.

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