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0002826FSSCPgraphicspublic2013-03-28 21:402021-01-09 19:15
Assigned Tom_m 
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Product Version3.6.18 
Target VersionFixed in Version21.0.0 
Summary0002826: a Multi screen feature.
DescriptionEvery time I want to run FS2 in full window mode I have to shut off monitors, or unplug monitors... I have played many games where choosing your gameplay monitor in the launcher, please consider this feature.
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2013-03-28 21:52   
Is using the primary monitor not sufficient?
2013-03-28 22:38   
(Last edited: 2013-03-28 22:48)
Every time i want to play on my scondary screens (# 2 or # 3) I have to mess with things for this game. So no my 18" 10 year old screen for icons and chat screens is not good enough. I like new apps and new messages appearing on a screen other then my Television or Gaming screen. I am sure I am not the only soul on this planet who uses more then one screen on their system.

2013-03-28 23:03   
Probably not but most seem to be ok playing on the primary.
2013-05-03 13:00   
I'm pretty sure most games just default to whatever the reported primary device is for the display, unless by activation of some video card related software that manages the "routing" for the display output based on application.

As an idea worth looking into though, it really isn't a bad one. I'm just not entirely sure how long it will take to implement, assuming that it can be.

It'll take collaborating the work for the display detection with the Launcher and set FSO to be able to accept a Display setting parameter to be passed.
2014-07-02 12:12   
Don't know why this is assigned to me though, it's beyond my current abilities.
2015-07-11 13:36   
Which OS is this? (I presume Windows, which I have no idea how to fix, although may help). On Linux, this is easier to fix, it's mentioned in the Wiki.
2015-09-06 16:44   
SDL2 has proper support for multiple displays so adding support for that is very easy so I added it:
Currently there is no launcher support so you'll have to manually add the config file entry Video.Display=<x>.
2015-09-19 22:15   
What about a command-line option?
2021-01-09 05:48   
Seems like this is now a Knossos feature request as handling was already added to the engine?
2021-01-09 19:15   
Per the above, this issue has been fixed and a request for launcher support has been submitted.

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