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Summary0002783: Multiplayer respawn code can't keep its ship classes straight
DescriptionCopied from 0002326...

For some reason, client parse objects already have the correct ship class of the ship they're respawning into. That seems to be causing trouble with change_ship_type, although upon reflection it really shouldn't. Nevertheless, skipping the ship class change seems to fix it. (Strangely, server parse objects retain their parsed ship class as expected.)

EDIT: For posterity, the problem in change_ship_type is most likely due to the parse object's ship_class being assigned to the new class, while its ship_max_hull_strength (and ship_max_shield_strength, and who knows what else) stayed at the original, parsed values.
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related to 0002326resolved The_E Assert: hull_pct > 0.0f && hull_pct <= 1.0f in ship.cpp line 8298 
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2013-01-30 02:20   
And thanks to a variable breakpoint, the culprit appears to be line 714 in multiutil.cpp. Guessing this is an old bug from way back when multiplayer was first being developed.

     Net_players[net_player].p_info.p_objp->ship_class = ship_class; // be sure this gets set so respawns work

2013-01-30 02:32   
Fix committed to trunk@9516.
2013-01-30 02:39   
For reference, I confirmed this fix by locally reverting the fix for 0002326 and then confirming that the crash no longer occurred.

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