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0002775FSSCPuser interfacepublic2013-01-09 18:132013-01-12 18:29
Assigned ToFUBAR-BDHR 
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Product Version3.6.15 
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Summary0002775: Asteroid field icon briefing model rendering hardcoded to retail values. Results in clipping
DescriptionThe closeup model (the one you get when you click on the briefing icon) in briefings for asteroid field icons always uses the first large asteroid model in the table (something else that might want to be changed at some point). The problem is not everyone uses retail asteroid sizes but the values for the closeup and zoom are hardcoded in missionbrief.cpp. In the case of TBP the model is larger then that value resulting in the camera being inside the asteroid.
Additional InformationAttaching patch to work around this issue. It reads 2 new optional fields from asteroid.tbl and uses the values if specified.
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Attached Filespatch field_icon_closeup.patch (2,389) 2013-01-09 18:13

2013-01-12 18:29   
Committed, along with a field for the asteroid model as well. Note that I changed the names a bit from the ones you specified.

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