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0002754FSSCPHUDpublic2012-12-13 20:312012-12-14 07:22
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Product Version3.6.15 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.15 
Summary0002754: Hud gauges modified by hud-set-frame do not reset on mission reload
DescriptionCustom hud gauges that have had a hud-set-frame sexp on them will not go back to frame 0 when a mission is reloaded. Seems like it should reset to 0 since a lot of other systems tend to reset to zero as well.
Steps To ReproduceSee modpack with mission to reproduce. Number will go up by 1 every 5 seconds. If you quit the mission or go escape -> restart mission, the number won't go back to zero.
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2012-12-14 06:36   
Fix committed to trunk@9431.

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