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0002752FSSCPlabpublic2012-12-12 21:532012-12-13 00:42
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Product Version3.6.15 
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Summary0002752: Loading a ship in lab then toggling test load on causes invalid invalid subsystem warnings
DescriptionBetter to just give you the repo instructions:

Steps To ReproduceLoad FS2, go to lab.
Select a ship (I tested with Hecate)
Select LOD 0 of that ship
Go to render options
Toggle test load ship on
Select a different ship (I selected the Faustus at random)
Select LOD 1 of the original ship.
You will get a warning for every subsystem

Note I did not select a LOD or debris to view on the second model.

Also this of course was originally found in TBP so ships shouldn't matter.
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related to 0002155resolved Genghis FS2 not catching table<->model errors that FRED does on subsystems 
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2012-12-13 00:42   
Fix committed to trunk@9425.

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