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0002688FSSCPmodular tablespublic2012-07-14 13:062012-07-15 14:46
Assigned Tom_m 
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Product Version3.6.13 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002688: Long credits causes stack overflow crash.
DescriptionIf the total length of credits.tbl + code credits + credits.tbms is too long, FSO will crash when you enter the credits viewer.
Steps To ReproducePlace the attached tbm into data/tables and enter the credits viewer.
Additional InformationFrom IRC discussion with The_E...

<@The_E> MjnMixael: Would you be so kind as to throw it on Mantis, for the attention of whoever coded the credits.tbl modularization?
<@MjnMixael> sure
<@The_E> The crash cause is a stack overflow due to excessive amounts of text
<@MjnMixael> it was m|m, btw
<@The_E> This can be fixed by increasing the default stack size, but that needs a project file update
<@MjnMixael> waaaaaaay out of my knowledge here, but is it possible to split up tbms into separate "stacks" and just display them in order of loading, or does it just not work like that?
<@The_E> ___It does not work that way _
<@The_E> Err
<@The_E> It does not work that way currently, but that would indeed be another possible solution
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Attached Filespatch credits.patch (8,708) 2012-07-14 16:14
? fsu_credits-crd.tbm (7,780) 2012-07-14 16:15

2012-07-14 14:30   
I added a patch which implements the suggested behavior and it seems to work as expected and without any crashes.
2012-07-14 15:08   
(Last edited: 2012-07-14 15:37)
The patch fixes the crash and displays all the credits properly.

However it also breaks the following table options, as in they parse but don't have any visible effect.

$Text Scroll Rate:
$Artworks Display Time:
$Artworks Fade Time:

2012-07-14 16:27   
I updated the patch with another bugfix where values set in a table got overwritten with the default values when a table didn't contain the options.

Also restored the sample table which I accidentally deleted...
2012-07-15 02:05   
I confirm all issues are fixed with the latest patch.
2012-07-15 02:18   
Why does the patch remove the ability to set a default value for the optional float?
2012-07-15 04:16   
Because there is not way to know whether the variable has been set before so the value which got set before gets overwritten every time the function doesn't find the optional tag.
2012-07-15 14:45   
I see what you mean. It also looks like whoever wrote parse_optional_float wasn't familiar with the parsing functions in general. I've rewritten that section slightly to use the conventional methods. I've also added better minimum values, because we don't want the credits to freeze or crash with a div-0 exception due to entering a value of 0.
2012-07-15 14:46   
Marking as fixed due to testing, code review, and commit.

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