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0002682FSSCPgraphicspublic2012-07-07 06:542012-07-23 21:35
Assigned ToThe_E 
PlatformLinux x86_64OSXubuntuOS Version12.04
Product Version3.6.13 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.14 
Summary0002682: Extra glowpoints draw in space when targeting ship
DescriptionIt seems that when you target a ship, the glowpoints for that ship are drawn in space in addition to the normal glowpoints for the ship. If you stop targeting the ship, the extra offset glowpoints disappear.

See two attached screenshots.
Steps To ReproduceStart the 2nd training mission of the retail FS2 campaign.
Stop your ship immediately.
Target the instructor (Herc 2)

Also can be reproduced in fsport, 1st training mission, and first real mission (target the Fenris and look ahead of it)

In all cases, mediavps need to be used as glowpoints don't exist in retail?
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Attached Filespng offset_glowpoints_1.png (453,063) 2012-07-07 06:57
png offset_glowpoints_2.png (441,765) 2012-07-07 06:59

2012-07-07 10:29   
Fix committed to trunk@8999.
2012-07-07 23:22   
Thanks for the quick fix! (and setting correct owner)
2012-07-23 21:35   
Fix committed to fs2_open_3_6_14@9034.

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