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0002673FSSCPmath-relatedpublic2012-06-27 01:032012-07-01 21:45
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Target Version3.6.14Fixed in Version 
Summary0002673: Weapon Velocity < Target Object Max Speed Collsion Culling
DescriptionWhen the weapon being fired is slower than the ship's max velocity that the collision pair is being tested on, the collision pair is culled.
Steps To Reproduce1. Make or modify a weapon with a very slow velocity (ie something < 60 m/s)
2. Have a ship with a fairly fast speed (ie GTF Perseus or GTF Pegasus)
3. Have something fire this new weapon.
4. Sit still and watch as it passes right through the fighter. Move around a bit, even right into it and it'll just go right through.
Attached Filespatch objcollide.cpp.patch (1,313) 2012-06-28 23:47
patch objcollide.cpp.goober.patch (1,996) 2012-06-29 01:54

2012-06-27 01:30   
This should go in 3.6.14 once reviewed and confirmed.
2012-06-27 01:37   
I've posted a patch that should fix the issue. Explanation: The algorithm for pruning breaks down if the weapon is slower than the ship its targeting. I've added a check for that and generate a new timestamp assuming the ship and the weapon are flying head on at max speed at each other. If the projectile is inside the radius of the target check every frame. I can't prune out the pair cause even though the weapon might have missed, the ship could still catch up with it later cause it's faster!
2012-06-28 23:48   
Ok new version of the patch. I've added a case where if the ship and the weapon can never interact because of the limited weapon lifetime the pair gets culled.
2012-06-29 01:54   
I've uploaded a new patch that uses Volition's existing formula and just handles the opposite cases.
2012-06-30 19:31   
Fix committed to trunk@8917.
2012-07-01 21:45   
Fix committed to fs2_open_3_6_14@8966.

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