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0000026FSSCPFREDpublic2004-01-07 23:582004-04-28 23:38
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Summary0000026: FRED2 cannot load missions with the hull repair cap feature
DescriptionFRED2_open cannot properly load missions with the support ship hull repair cap enabled, much less edit them. The game can read these missions fine, but the editor gives an "Unable to read mission file" error followed by an illegal operation message. This concerns FRED2_open 3.55 but occurs in all versions.

See this for more information about this hull repair cap feature:
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2004-01-08 00:03   
argh, I forgot to set the category; anyway, this is obviously FRED2 related.
2004-01-14 01:01   
Added save compatibility, but this shouldn't affect load. Does this happen in the 12_05 build?
2004-03-21 19:32   
Meh, assigning to myself.
2004-04-28 23:38   
This is fixed in newer versions of FRED and Hull and Subsystem repair cap boxes have been added to the Mission Specs dialog

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