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0002592FSSCPAIpublic2012-01-30 18:362012-01-30 19:18
Assigned ToSushi_CW 
PlatformIntel-based MacOSOSXOS Version10.6.8
Product Version3.6.14 RC4 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.14 
Summary0002592: Abort Re-arm causes crash because of: ASSERTION: "goal_objp != NULL" at aicode.cpp:10160
Aborting a re-arming of your craft as it is being re-armed causes an instant crash with the below data in the log:

ASSERTION: "goal_objp != NULL" at aicode.cpp:10160
Steps To Reproduce
Abort a re-arming of your craft as it is being rearmed.
Tagsabort, AI, crash, re-arm, rearm
duplicate of 0002587resolved Goober5000 Canceling rearm procedure causes crash 
Attached Fileslog fs2_open.log (81,254) 2012-01-30 18:38

2012-01-30 19:18   
This has already been fixed & committed to trunk, the next RC will have the fix.

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