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0000256FSSCPuser interfacepublic2004-09-08 20:232007-03-23 04:24
Assigned Totaylor 
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Summary0000256: Cursor reset on mission start
DescriptionI play FS2 with the mouse turned on, for more precise targeting when I need it. But since the commit to mission button is in the lower right corner of the briefing screen, I always start each mission taking a sharp turn down and to the right. Can we fix this by having the cursor position reset itself to the center of the screen on mission start, thereby keeping the heading and orientation the mission designer intended? Thanks.
Additional InformationPlay with the mouse on and you'll notice you'll always make a sharp turn down and to the left as soon as you launch.
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2004-10-10 11:32   
This is a one line fix. I need to test it in D3D before commit but it should be working in future builds.
2004-10-10 17:12   

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