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0002546FSSCPgraphicspublic2011-11-29 05:022021-01-09 04:59
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Summary0002546: Sun flares aren't properly blocked by cockpit models
DescriptionBasically sun flares come right though the cockpit even if the cockpit is solid. It is most noticeable if the cockpit has subobjects which don't seem to block flares at all. If condensed into 1 detail0 object it will block them most of the time but they still leak through at times especially when close to the edge of the model.
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2012-01-28 14:34   
The cockpit model in question would help alot in debugging this, cause i dont have a cockpit model with submodels. Also things shining through at the edges is 100% the shitty collision code which i cant fix. Workaround is to make patch polies.
2012-11-20 18:23   
Still waiting for that cockpit.
2012-11-20 20:33   
You'll need to talk to someone on Diaspora. I no longer have access to those assets.
2012-11-21 02:40   
If this is the same issue that was entered in the Diaspora Mantis, then I believe it is fixed. The issue there was that flares (and stars, for that matter) were shining through the DRADIS displays in the cockpit (Especially noticeable in the Raptor model). This was caused by some behaviour in the HUD's render to target code, where transparency was added when the base texture used had an alpha channel; this was fixed in the final Diaspora release by adjusting the textures.
2012-11-21 11:46   
No different issue. This is where stars shine through the actual cockpit model. This was especially noticeable around the edges of the fuel tanks on the 7e.
2021-01-09 04:59   
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