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0002504FSSCPHUDpublic2011-09-18 16:282012-07-23 23:02
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Product VersionAntipodes 8 
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Summary0002504: Target direction arrow remains even when target is in center reticle.
DescriptionOccasionally it will dissappear, seems to be when the target is in a very specific spot in the reticle (not dead center).
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related to 0002438closed Swifty Targeting arrow doesn't point inword in FSport 
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2012-02-20 07:27   
As of 3.6.14 RC4, this is still present. After looking more closely at it, it seems like that the 'circle' that a targeted ship won't display the indicating arrow in is simply offset higher than the HUD center circle.
2012-07-06 22:38   
Does this perhaps have anything to do with 0002438?
2012-07-12 03:24   
Fix committed to trunk@9009.
2012-07-23 23:02   
Fix committed to fs2_open_3_6_14@9040.

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