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0000024FSSCPgraphicspublic2004-01-07 23:322005-07-22 01:01
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Summary0000024: Subsystem/turret positions not correctly displayed in target monitor
DescriptionThe crosshairs marking the position of the selected subsystem or turret in the HUD target monitor (the box in the lower left corner that displays the currently targeted ship) are not being shown correctly; they are in completely different positions here than they are in the main view. It seems to occur for all ships. I can't recall seeing it in the last version and it could be a new thing. This is in the 12_05_2003 version with -htl, -jpgtga, -d3dmipmap, -fps and -fov 0.65 (I tried removing the fov flag but that didn't help).
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2004-02-10 00:27   
This was due to the ship being rendered in the incorrect location, and thus has been fixed.
2004-05-22 00:54   
(Last edited: 2004-05-22 02:42)
This bug is back in the 05/03 version. I'm not sure how long it has been around as I had not played the game for a while, but I noticed it again today on every ship I targeted.

edited on: 05-22-04 02:42
2004-07-29 15:42   
This bug is still here...
I had it on every single build i tried and every flag combination i used so far. I'm using ATI Radeon 9700 with Catalyst 4.3.
Btw i noticed those wrong possitions are always more near the center of model than they should be.
2005-03-14 09:02   
Very stale, this needs reassigned.
2005-03-14 19:55   
Phreak, weren't you working on this at some point?
2005-03-14 20:39   
perhaps a year ago. i haven't looked at the graphics code in ages. I'll take a look and pass it off to someone if i can't figure it out.
2005-06-08 22:07   
Okay, this should really be fixed for 3.6.7. Phreak, see what you can do, and play hot potato if you can't figure it out.

I'm pinging Bobboau to see if he has anything to say about this.
2005-06-08 22:07   
Reminder sent to Bobboau

Take a look at this bug and see if you can shed some light on it.
2005-06-29 21:40   

Any ideas, Phreak? Bobboau still hasn't responded.
2005-07-19 11:47   
I think this should be fixed now. I reworked some of the related code for non-standard resolutions and removed/fixed some of the old cruft that had been built up.

There currently isn't a build which has all of the changes, they weren't complete until after Goober's current build. Maybe Goober will update his build to current CVS but if not, e-mail me, and I'll get you a test build.
2005-07-19 12:50   
Eww... cruft is one of the grosser words in the English language.

Anyway, I'll be happy to update my build. :)
2005-07-21 21:22   
Just tested current CVS with "Monster in the Mist", looks like this is fixed for nonstandard res.

Didn't try with a diff fov though.
2005-07-21 22:44   
It's deffinitely not fixed for FOV stuff. It should be good otherwise but I just don't know how to account for 3D FOV with 2D line drawings.

So should this be considered fixed or do we want to roll the FOV problem into this bug as well?
2005-07-21 23:36   
If this bug is fixed for everything but nonstandard FOVs, then we should put it in the nonstandard FOV category. ;)
2005-07-22 01:01   

The FOV problems apply to standard and non-standard resolutions though. The non-standard resolutions only show it worse.

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