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0002382FSSCPmultiplayerpublic2011-01-22 21:312011-08-24 04:39
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Summary0002382: Cutscene-related SEXPs aren't propogated to multiplayer clients
DescriptionThe current implementation of cutscene functions don't seem to work properly in multiplayer - for example, calling set-camera-position, set-cutscene-bars, etc are functions that only affect the host player, but not connecting clients.

This makes it a challenge for implementing multiplayer missions where cutscene functions would be a useful way to drive a central plot forward (and work around the lack of command briefings and such).

Would it be possible to enable this functionality for multiplayer? Basically if cutscene events are called for co-operative missions which stop / lock out the player's craft, move the camera, display objects and subtitles, and perform other cutscene-related functions, it'd be cool if those events affected all other connected clients on the player's team in the same way, so they all get the same consistent cutscene.

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related to 0002276resolved karajorma more sexps that dont work for clients in mp 
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2011-01-22 22:57   
Aha, my bad. I thought I had heard of this somewhere before - I guess this might be an almost-duplicate of 0002276 wherein requests to get some of the other SEXPs working in multiplayer for clients were being made. I see a lot of them were fixed too.

Right now it looks like show-subtitle-text works for clients for example - it doesn't look like there's any way to set up cutscene cameras for clients though.

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