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0002367FSSCPgraphicspublic2010-12-30 21:402017-01-10 14:42
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Summary0002367: Any animation with thruster in the name will not load and gives no error
DescriptionRan into this while testing the thruster cone issue. I was testing with the retail cone ani files named thruster01.ani and thruster03.ani. Changing the texture in pcs2 to match the names and renaming the thruster cone from thruster01a to conea did not work in the lab or game. Changing to another .eff file did work. Going on the assumption that it just didn't like .ani files I picked one of our other thruster effects named Col_Thruster_Main.eff. It didn't work. Tried a simple .dds file That did load. Tried a different effect with thruster in the name. Didn't work. Finally renamed the retail .ani file to cone3.ani. Worked.

Now the interesting part is that there is nothing in the log about the textures (not counting the ones that were loaded as thrusters for other reasons). For example thruster03.ani only used in the test did not exist at all in the log with the exception of when I tested with $Thruster Flame Effect: in weapons.tbl and the parse entry showed. Using a filename that didn't exist did produce the expected error message.
Additional InformationUnfortunately changing the name of the retail .ani file in both the .pof and directory still did not fix the cone issue so they are 2 separate bugs.
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2010-12-30 21:43   
Forgot one. Testing with Thruster_x as a texture name in PCS2 that did not exist did not give an error either in the lab or game.
2017-01-10 14:42   
Which directory have you place the animation files into?

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