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0002340FSSCPgraphicspublic2010-11-18 17:182015-02-22 18:04
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Summary0002340: Texture replacment with invisible no longer working
DescriptionWell it does but only if you actually place an (other formats probably work as well) in the maps directory. Without it you get warnings and the default texture loaded. This used to work as I have old screen shots still using the same steps.

As invisible is a special case even looking for the file has to be a bug.
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duplicate of 0001929resolved MageKing17 Texture replacement more problems 
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2012-12-13 18:06   
Seems this might have been a feature/bug that has been removed. Texture replacing 'invisible' in FRED is no longer allowed. As in, 'invisible' is not an option anymore.
2012-12-14 01:56   
When was it ever an option? I looked through the commit history of that FRED file and it doesn't look like it made special accommodations for the invisible texture.

Now such accommodations shouldn't be too hard to add, but that's a little harder than finding and reverting an old commit. >.>
2012-12-14 02:34   
It may have just worked because error checking for texture files existing might not have existed so it just changed to invisible.
2012-12-14 23:11   
FRED will now let you save invisible textures without complaint. However FSO will not actually replace it with the invisible texture due to that same file load issue.
2012-12-17 02:28   
Completely fixed in r9444.

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