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0002326FSSCPmultiplayerpublic2010-10-14 16:172013-01-30 02:19
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Product Version3.6.13 
Target Version3.6.14Fixed in Version3.6.13 
Summary0002326: Assert: hull_pct > 0.0f && hull_pct <= 1.0f in ship.cpp line 8298
DescriptionStandalone again. This one has happened several times now and twice in the last week. Happens at player respawn. Attaching call stack and variables. Will attach log as soon as I get out of the debugger.
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related to 0002783resolved Goober5000 Multiplayer respawn code can't keep its ship classes straight 
related to 0002378assigned karajorma Ships assigned in loadout respawn as default ships. 
Attached Filestxt hull_over_100.txt (111,408) 2010-10-14 16:17
rar hull_over_100.rar (391,787) 2010-10-14 16:17
patch 2326.patch (6,129) 2011-06-21 17:47
patch 2326-2.patch (2,252) 2012-12-01 12:32
rar 2326_new.rar (78,349) 2013-01-16 01:30

2010-11-11 03:41   
Why are we asserting there, when we can simply CLAMP() the values to valid ranges? In this case, it looks to me like a case of float imprecision.

Fix committed in revision 6724
2010-11-11 04:51   
Reopening, as this does not address the root cause.

Judging by what is printed in the log and callstack, the Objects[] and Ships[] arrays seem to have gotten out of sync somehow. Note that I couldn't reproduce this in single player.
2010-11-13 21:20   
We're asserting there because those values should never be outside the range in those locations. :p

It's not a bad thing to have Assert and Int3 in the codebase. They indicate a failure of design-by-contract, i.e. a bug in the actual program, in contrast to Warning or Error which indicate bugs caused by invalid game data.
2010-11-13 22:56   
Yeah, I know, Which is why I reverted it.
2010-11-13 22:56   
And I know which is why I told him the problem was deeper the he though.
2010-12-03 18:51   
Just had it happen with shields as well which is around 13 lines later. Pretty much identical other then hull vs shields.
2011-01-12 17:03   
Is r6429 not a likely culprit for this? It was committed only a month and a half before this bug was filed. After seeing FUBAR's comments in IRC today:

[15:46] <FUBAR> it seems to happen anytime the player chooses a ship other then default
[15:47] <FUBAR> respawns and it appears to try to calculate hull strength based on the original ship not the one he selected in loadout
[15:47] <FUBAR> which at respawn do we even care about anything besides special hits? You have a brand new ship it should be at 100%
[15:48] <FUBAR> and if it gets by that it crashes on shields down below

Then seeing the commit message:
"maintain the original hull, shield, and subsystem percentages when changing ship class, since we might be changing it from a briefing loadout (Mantis 0002301)"

This seems a bit too coincidental to ignore. Goober, you want to take another look at that commit maybe?
2011-01-12 17:27   
OK the rabbit hole runs deep on this one. I couldn't understand why it wasn't happening in single so I made a simple test mission. Alpha and Beta wings with beta being 4 Uly by default. I changed them to 4 different ships and let them get slaughtered by a few dozen Maras. Beta respawed as all Uly instead of the ships they were assigned in loadout. That explains why no one hits it in single. Another bug.
2011-04-10 21:02   
I just looked at r6429 and I couldn't figure out any way for it to cause this error. The timing fits, but the code logic seems bulletproof. Changing a class while respawning should have exactly the same effect as changing a class in the team loadout.

Now it could be the case that FUBAR's latest note, 0012596, is the true cause of the bug, and that my commit simply opened a way for it to manifest. In that case we'd have to track down the original bug.

It sounds like someone would have to do some debugging during an active multi session. Either that, or run a build with some logging statements to print out hull and ship class values.
2011-06-21 17:57   
Okay, had another look at this. While trying to debug this with Zacam, I had an idea about how this came to be. One thing I noticed was that while playing NWTR, if I chose a Herc instead of the default Uly, my HP were knocked back to 72% upon respawn. Given that a Uly has exactly 72% of the hitpoints of a Herc, this could not be a coincidence.

So, I dug around a bit, and stumbled across something interesting. parse_object::ship_max_shield_strength and ship_max_hull_strength were defined as absolute values, and were never changed after the initial parsing. So, I wrote the attached patch, which changes both values to multipliers. This had the desired effect of getting correct health values again.

It should be noted that we didn't trigger the assertion mentioned in the bug report here, I hope we won't with the patch attached. Further testing required.
2011-06-25 04:04   
Committed to trunk in 7268. See discussion on internal.
2012-11-30 00:03   
Seems this issue has awaken from the dead. I ran into the shield version of it trying to test another issue in TBP. Tested that with modified retail data and it was reproducible. Tried with hull and that still exists as well.

Very easy to reproduce. Quick edit to ships.tbl to change a herc's hitpoints to a low value like 25 or shields to 20. Load up FRED, add a herc, go to ships editor, change ship class from herc to uly and watch the assert.

Cut and paste if you want a .tbm instead:

#Ship Classes
$Name: GTF Hercules
$Hitpoints: 25
;;$Shields: 20

2012-12-01 12:13   
Actually, it's a completely different issue that looks slightly similar, but whatever.
2012-12-01 12:32   
I've attached another patch that should address this.
2012-12-01 19:13   
So 2 separate bugs on the same 2 asserts.

Anyway patch seems to work just fine.
2012-12-02 00:03   
Looks fine code-wise too. Go ahead and commit/resolve.
2012-12-02 04:55   
FUBAR: The original issue was abo9ut something going wrong when parsing a mission file and adapting the parsed data to what the player(s) were actually using. This new crash, although it had the same assert, actually happened in a different part of the code (ship.cpp vs missionparse.cpp), for different reasons.
2013-01-16 01:17   
(Last edited: 2013-01-16 02:31)
Reopening due to my change plus FUBAR's report...

01:22:54 FUBAR: GOOBER!!!!! I just got a stanalone crash in change_ship_class!!!!!!!
01:25:01 FUBAR|away2__: r9503
01:25:51 FUBAR|away2__: got a 275/250 for a hull_pct of 1.1
01:26:14 FUBAR|away2__: line 8995
01:28:58 FUBAR|away2__: second ship is a loki
01:31:38 FUBAR|away2__: trainingmt-12.fs2 (you probably don't have that)
01:32:44 FUBAR|away2__: Received respawn request ASSERTION: "hull_pct > 0.0f && hull_pct <= 1.0f" at ship.cpp:8995 Int3(): From c:\fs2_open\code\globalincs\windebug.cpp at line 963
01:33:47 FUBAR|away2__: there were at least 2 ships destroyed in those few frames so not certain which one it was
01:35:55 FUBAR|away2__: default player starts are herc2's
01:42:12 FUBAR|away2__: crash was on alpha 1 but not sure if alpha 1 was hosting or client as that mission has alpha 2 as wing leader
01:47:23 FUBAR|away2__: looks like shields would have asserted to with a 410/400 if it had got that far
01:48:39 FUBAR|away2__: sorry 610/400 apparently I can't multiply by 4 correctly anymore

02:26:28 FUBAR: alpha 1
02:32:41 FUBAR: loki
02:54:58 FUBAR: reproducable on a standalone even with 1 player
02:55:20 FUBAR: m-01 just started with a uly instead of a herc2

2013-01-30 01:19   
Fix committed to trunk@9515.
2013-01-30 01:20   
(Last edited: 2013-01-30 01:52)
For some reason, client parse objects already have the correct ship class of the ship they're respawning into. That seems to be causing trouble with change_ship_type, although upon reflection it really shouldn't. Nevertheless, skipping the ship class change seems to fix it. (Strangely, server parse objects retain their parsed ship class as expected.)

EDIT: For posterity, the problem in change_ship_type is most likely due to the parse object's ship_class being assigned to the new class, while its ship_max_hull_strength (and ship_max_shield_strength, and who knows what else) stayed at the original, parsed values.

2013-01-30 01:20   
Assigning to The_E because he fixed two out of three bugs this ticket actually references.
2013-01-30 02:19   
This deserves another ticket. See 0002783.

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