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0002319FSSCPFREDpublic2010-10-04 18:432012-12-14 23:04
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Product Version3.6.13 
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Summary0002319: Alt names and callsign mission save issues.
DescriptionI notice this when looking at a test file for 2300. I added a null "" and blank " " callsign in the ship editor to see what would happen and test changing it. Well the ship editor just reset to <none> and I assumed that it wasn't legal. I did test changing to "" and " " for 2300 and that worked as designed. While looking at the file to make sure I noticed the following:

$Callsign: a3_orig
$Callsign: a4_orig
$Callsign: b1_orig
$Callsign: b2_orig
$Callsign: b3_orig

Doing some more testing I confirmed that even though the ship editor shows <none> if you change it to "" or " " it is actually still written to file. Same with alt names.

Further testing also showed that unused entries removed from all ships still write to the file as well. Only way to remove them is notepad.
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2012-12-14 23:04   
Fix committed to trunk@9433.

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