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0000023FSSCPgraphicspublic2004-01-07 11:062004-03-06 17:53
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Summary0000023: Animated Laser bitmaps
Descriptionunsing an ANI as a laser bitmap crashes the game as soon as the weapon is fired. Bobboau said it should work so I assume this is a bug. The crash happens every time I have tried. Using ANIs as particle bitmaps works, however.
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2004-03-04 10:01   
I'm assigning this to bobboau since he's the GFX boy
2004-03-04 22:32   
ah, it was checking to see if the bitmap was animated for the glow,
fixed localy, will close this when I commit
2004-03-06 17:53   
commiting the fix

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