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0002277FSSCPturretspublic2010-07-29 17:192020-07-06 22:20
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Product Version3.6.13 
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Summary0002277: Turret firing animation has several issues
DescriptionI don't have a test case that I can show at the moment but here are some of the problems encountered. The turret is a secondary - aspect seeker.

-Animation is triggered at any enemy arrival even if the weapon cannot fire at any targets in mission.
-Turret fires before animation finishes
-Rotation on a revers angle exhibits weird behavior. -90 angle results in an almost closing behavior while trying 270 cause just a 90 degree rotation.
-Doors do not close or there is no way to close them between firings.
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2010-12-09 18:14   
Partial fix committed in revision 6818. Moved the "Turret Firing" trigger a few lines down so that it only triggers once the turret actually fires.
2020-07-06 22:20   
A more comprehensive fix will be possible after my animation system overhaul, but that's a ways away.

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