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Summary0002268: Moving Events around causes conditionals to loose Event's name.
DescriptionIf you have an Event name used in a conditional sexp (like is-event-true), if that same Event is moved from it's original position in the Events Editor, when trying to save the mission, Fred will warn of an invalid argument, this invalid argument will be the name of the Event that has been moved.
Additional InformationTo test this:

Just open the mission, check that it's possible to save it before doing anything, this way you know everything is all right in the mission.

Then after testing that, just go to the Event Editor and move the Event named "Event 1" from the top of the list to the bottom.

Close the Event Editor and try to save the mission.
You should get a warning.

That's it.
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related to 0001961closed FSO 4 FSSCP Reordering events can cause is-event-true and possibly other sexps to reference wrong event. 
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2010-11-18 12:23   
Dammit, I loaded this in wxfred and that's not correct, I tested this on a windows system.
2010-11-22 05:11   
This is one of the many vagaries with FRED's event system, something that is targeted to be fixed in wxFRED.

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