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0002173FSSCPPlatform-Engine interactionpublic2010-03-31 18:352010-04-18 23:50
Assigned Toiss_mneur 
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Product Version3.6.12 RC1 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.12 
Summary0002173: FSO Fails with an assert if a commandline flag does not have an arg
DescriptionSince Taylor's revamping of the cmdline system to use dynamic buffers, if a command line flag is passed (either by proper command line or via cmdline_fso.cfg) that requires an argument int, float, or string, FSO fails with a very useless assertion message.

The attached patch makes the Error more useful and tells the user what they need to do to fix this, as well as it checks in release.

Because the Assertion is not in effect in release FSO could potentially try to dereference a NULL pointer as well.

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Attached Filespatch pretty_missing_arg_errors.patch (1,682) 2010-03-31 18:35

2010-03-31 18:36   
Note this affects both trunk and 3.6.12.
2010-04-18 23:50   
Fix added in revision 6064.

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