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0002146FSSCPspeciespublic2010-03-05 05:512012-12-09 16:19
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Product Version3.6.12 RC1 
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Summary0002146: Debris textures specified in species_defs do not seem to be used at all
DescriptionMade some new debris pieces and a map for one species set them up in species defs for testing. I used the debris map of a regular ship for a placeholder for the second species. During testing I noticed that the second species was throwing off pieces with red textures. The map for the second species has no red textures. Taking a closer look all the pieces are using the default map. It appears as if the entries in species defs are never used but they are loaded.

Excerpt from FS2_Open.log:

Paging in debris texture 'Debris01_Col'
Found bitmap -- number 2031
Paging in debris texture 'Cyl_Raider_Adv_Deb'
Found bitmap -- number 1848
Paging in debris texture 'debris01a'
Found bitmap debris01a.pcx -- number 2032
Paging in debris texture 'debris01a'
Found bitmap debris01a.pcx -- number 2032

There are 4 species and the other 2 are still using FS2 defaults. As far as I can tell (at 5:30am) once they are loaded the code never does anything with them.
Additional Information3.6.13 r5981
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Attached Files7z 2146Files.7z (2,102) 2012-11-19 20:39

2012-11-19 20:40   
Confirmed textures are not used. Running with the files I just uploaded, you should see bright green particle debris when you shoot the ships of any race in the included mission.
2012-12-09 16:18   
Fix committed to trunk@9415.
2012-12-09 16:19   
Fix committed to Trunk @ 9415

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