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0000211FSSCPuser interfacepublic2004-07-07 23:142007-03-23 04:22
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.5 
Summary0000211: FSO no longer remembers last used pilot
DescriptionThe game used to arrange pilots by when they were last used but stopped doing that in one of Bobboau's post-3.6 builds and always puts the pilots in alphabetical order now. It's a small thing but can get annoying when one is used to it being the other way for so long; it's easy to accidentally click on the wrong pilot without realizing it and play a mission with custom tables, frequently messing up the pilot.
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2004-07-08 03:37   
This won't fix the bug, but it's a good idea to store your pilots in their respective -mod directories so something like that doesn't happen.
2004-07-08 21:29   
I've got this fixed but forgot to update CVS. I think it was WMCoolmon who added a reverse sort but that broke time sorting. I redid the reverse sort to work just like the other two sorting techniques (name, time) so this isn't a problem. I'll get this updated as soon as I get the chance.

Sorting from -mod directories is a different issue. Pilots in a main directory get listed with pilots form the mod directory. I have this fixed in the Linux version since I don't like that but I haven't made this change affect Windows in case people hated it.
2004-07-17 21:18   
It be fixered.

You might want to check this though WMCoolmon just in case my fix wasn't your intent with this code.

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