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0002109FSSCPmodelspublic2010-01-30 06:152010-10-08 06:25
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Product Version3.6.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.12 
Summary0002109: External weapon animations are getting stuck randomly
DescriptionThis has plagued ships which make use of external weapon animations, primaries that appear only when they are selected or missile bay doors opening when said missile bank is selected.

BP: War in Heaven uses fighter and bombers which heavily use these animations and campaign has progressed to a point where larger variety of ships are available to player. Hence this has become a major problem as stuck animation prevents said weapon from firing.

Zacam, portej05 and Wanderer have read-access to BP SVN and can check out the problem in-game.

BP needs this bug fixed in 3.6.11/.12 or it will severely impact gameplay experience.
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2010-01-30 06:16   
I forgot to add that sometimes switching primaries/secondaries allows animation to finish, but many times animations get stuck permanently.
2010-02-12 06:36   
HLP thread related to this issue:
2010-05-30 15:26   
Please test r6150+ builds to see if these issues have been resolved.
2010-10-08 06:25   
Issue is fixed in .12

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