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0000021FSSCPgameplaypublic2004-01-02 20:092005-03-14 20:18
Assigned Totaylor 
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Summary0000021: Alt-Tab causes the game to crash
DescriptionWhenever I hit Alt-Tab the game crashes. It will NOT let me go back to desktop, however it will lock up my computer successfully so I will have to do a hardware reset.

This happens in about 99% of my tries. Sometimes (mind you, maybe once every hundered tries) it will be stuck like if it crashes, but it will keep playing the music. Then I can hit alt tab again several times and press Ctrl randomly and eventually the game will go back to normal. Most of the time it crashes, though.
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has duplicate 0000149resolved Bobboau Crash when returning from desktop after Alt-Tab 
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2004-01-07 23:47   
Alt-tab works perfectly fine for me; I've seen this issue occur in a few other games and it seems to be dependent on hardware/driver configuration.
2004-01-09 13:31   
It doesn't happen with FS2_retail, though.
2004-01-14 00:31   
Gah. Are you serious? This is troubling.

Can we have your system specs? Operating system, available RAM, etc. Which version are you playing? And as CP says, are your drivers all up-to-date?
2004-01-14 13:46   
intel p4 2.4 GHz
Asus P4C800 Deluxe
512 MB RAM
Radeon 9800

Win 98 SE

Version: 12_05_03
2004-01-17 04:10   
Havent seen this in a while
2004-01-29 15:47   
Does this still happen?
2004-01-29 17:31   
Yes it does.

Alt-Tab. Screen goes black: I'll have to press the reset button.

Version: 20_1_04 now.
2004-01-29 17:47   
When I Alt-Tab to desktop and back the game is in some strange pause and I have to hit escape to continue playing(this is almost a feature:) ). Never crash my machine tho.
2004-01-29 18:05   
Now that you mention it, bottomfan, this is what happens to me too. Black screen, but Escape puts everything back to normal. Does Escape work for you, Lightspeed?
2004-02-06 10:59   
no, Escape does not work. A weird mix of Ctrl, Escape and Alt-Tab works if the sounds keep playing, but most of the times they stop playing and nothing but a hard-reset will help.
2004-03-14 19:26   
Is this just in D3D or does it happen in OGL as well?
2004-03-15 04:02   
over here, win98se p3 800, 192mb SDRAM, alt+tab is extremely slow, but slamming some keys like escape, the windows key, and alt tab a few times get's me back to my desktop most of the time.
2004-03-15 09:15   
A wierd mix of Ctrl, Esacpe and Alt-Tab? Ctrl-Escape is the same as the Windows Start-key, and most often moves focus to desktop.
2004-03-21 16:37   
it fails somewere internal to DX with SetViewport within gr_d3d_reset_clip
2004-04-15 20:01   
Is this still an issue?

If so, is this ALT-TABing from in-game or from another screen? Does it matter? Which screen?
2004-04-16 02:40   
This is caused by the D3D reset not happening properly.
I would leave this to someone who knows D3D.
2004-04-19 17:54   
it is still an issue, for me I can alt-tab away from fs2_open but once it is minimized on the taskbar, it's dead...retail no problems at all. So hopefully someone with D3D knowledge comes along soon.
2004-04-22 09:58   
when i alt+tabbed out of taylors 20040405 build it had the same effect has hitting shift+esc. it was on exiting of a mission, after my ship jumped through a subspace portal, but before the debrief was there.
2004-07-21 14:51   
Note that Alt-Tab works fine with the official Fsopen 3.6 release version.
But it crashes in all later builds so I guess there was a change that causes the problem
2005-03-14 19:52   
The alt-tab bug is fixed now, right?
2005-03-14 20:18   
Yeah Bobboau fixed this. I have a bunch of changes for this too but haven't merged them in yet. End up that the only I was missing was resetting the state blocks properly, otherwise I'd have fixed this in December. I'll merge what I did, just because it's a bit cleaner and easier to deal with in the future, to Bobboau's stuff and that should be it.


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