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0002088FSSCPFREDpublic2010-01-10 03:072012-07-03 01:14
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Summary0002088: is-event-true-delay & chained bug
DescriptionI've discovered a random bug associated to is-event-true-delay and chained.

If your event tree has sexps that use is-event-true-delay and sexps that are chained, adding sexps and reordering sexp tree might cause is-event-true-delay to use sexp that was previously in the same place as the original sexp.

For example, you have a sexp called "breaking point" that is fifth sexp in the event tree. You add a new sexp called "delay" and place it to fifth, making "breaking point" sexp now sixth sexp in the tree. If the tree also has chained sexps, this confuses sexps that use is-event-true-delay and there's high chance they now point to "delay" sexp, which is the fifth sexp in the tree, instead of the original sexp that is now sixth.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this bug reliably. I'm probably missing something. In any case, I classify this as a major bug because this can really break missions if fredder is not careful.
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related to 0001961closed FSO 4 Reordering events can cause is-event-true and possibly other sexps to reference wrong event. 
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This seems to be duplicate of 1961
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