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0002012FSSCPmultiplayerpublic2009-10-28 20:012020-11-01 10:37
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Product Version3.6.11 
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Summary0002012: Reinforcements not working for clients in TvT
DescriptionThey work if they are enabled at mission start but not if they have an arrival after that. Attaching test mission. Same one as the send-message-list bug. You will receive a message when the teams reinforcements should be able to be called.
Additional Information3.6.11 r5620
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Attached Files? 2multibug.fs2 (7,930) 2009-10-28 20:01

2012-12-30 10:34   
When you say this doesn't work do you mean that the option to call in the reinforcement never appears in the comms menu, or that it does but selecting it does nothing?
2013-12-01 22:07   
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Ok, so the client, or second team, should have had the option to call in reinforcements after the 12000 ms mark? I did not see it appear as an option for the client at any point during testing this mission with 2 PCs.

2020-11-01 10:37   
Need to investigate before year's end!!

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