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0001952FSSCPgraphicspublic2009-07-06 01:152012-01-27 15:00
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Product Version3.6.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.12 
Summary0001952: 2D Elements lack aspect correction in game
DescriptionOk, so obviously, on a widescreen setup, the game menus probably can't be helped short of padding the sides of the screen with black, but the in game on screen elements could have their aspect calculation changed so they're not stretched, in non 4:3 sizes, and then probably some tweaks to ensure they show up in the correct spot on the screen (ie, still make sure reticules are in the center, comm in upper right, etc.).
Additional Information16:9 could benefit from this but it would really help dual/triple head setups running in 8:3 or 12:3.
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has duplicate 0002237closed  Crop menu to 4:3 in widescreen resolutions using black bars 
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2010-06-21 00:29   
Why black padding? Allow a padding background to be specified.
2010-06-21 02:19   
What about when the data is older than an option for that? Should we just leave it stretched? I think retail data would benefit from black padding on 16x9 resolutions. I really have no problem with that being the default behavior.

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