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0001913FSSCPuser interfacepublic2009-04-10 21:532009-05-12 18:04
Assigned Tokarajorma 
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Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.11 
Summary0001913: Characters After # in Ship Name Visible
DescriptionWhen using the Comms menu, the characters after the # key are visible

e.g. When playing final mission of Windmills, names of fighter squadrons will appear as either SquadronName#D or #A (denoting attacking or defending, unimportant) in the comms menu. e.g.II In Blue Planet tech room, the last ship is the UEFg Karuna#Renjian. This ship should not be present in the techroom.

Tested using RC2.
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Attached Filespng Bug.png (405,145) 2009-04-10 21:53

2009-04-20 09:06   
I'm pretty sure I fixed the comm menu one. How does it differ from this one?

Or is it a wings vs ships thing?
2009-04-20 15:28   
Yeah, it's the same, I hadn't seen that one when I looked.
2009-04-23 14:44   
Fixed in my branch

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