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0001854FSSCPsoundpublic2008-12-24 03:042010-03-04 01:06
Assigned Totaylor 
PlatformDELL Dimension 9200OSWindows VistaOS VersionUltimate 32-bit
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.12 RC2 
Summary0001854: Effects volume is muted at the second dot, instead of the first one
DescriptionCompletely trivial.

Open game options.

Voice and music volumes are set to zero at the first dot. But effects one is set to zero at the second one. So you are loosing one available level.

(If you are bored and feel like patching it...)
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2008-12-24 13:27   
Hmm... sound volume seems to be atm limited by MIN_SOUND_VOLUME (0.10f). Which doesn't really seem to be tied into the current sound volume.. I suppose it could be changed to be 10% of the current max sound volume.

...unless there is some other reason in keeping this limitation? (any one?)
2010-03-04 01:06   

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