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0001836FSSCPFREDpublic2008-12-04 13:302008-12-04 18:17
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Summary0001836: Only PCX is available in Squad Logo dialog boxes
DescriptionThe Files of type: dropdown list only allows pcx files to be selected. Need at least DDS added, perhaps jpg (and jpeg if the spelling matters) and tga if those are valid types, and I also suggest adding an All Files option as a fallback.
Additional InformationOriginally discussed in bug 1748 after the dialog box crash was fixed. Closed that bug to move discussion over here. Here's the relevant dialog:

"...It then let me proceed as normal (or so I am assuming) in looking for a PCX file for the logo.

2 issues with that: A: It was only looking for/allowing the selection of a PCX file. B: What if I was using a squadron from retail? I would then have to extract the squad logo in question from the retail VP's before I could as it will not allow me to manually enter a PCX file name or replace the resulting name from a selected PCX file. Or, I would have to touch up the mission in notepad. At which point, well.....n/m.

Other than those two items, the issue as stated appears to have been resolved for both Logo assignation from within Mission Specs and Wing Edit."

"Is DDS the only other format it will accept or will it take jpg and tga too?"
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2008-12-04 14:31   
I'm still waiting for an answer to that last question. :p
2008-12-04 18:16   
Well, I went ahead and added all those types anyway, and the All Files one. It uses the same extensions list as the loading screen. Should be fixed in r4981. If TGA and JPEG don't work we can just remove them later. At least this way it's easy to test for now.

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