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0001769FSSCPsoundpublic2008-09-17 16:292010-05-29 11:59
Assigned Totaylor 
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Product Version3.6.11 
Target Version3.6.12 RC1Fixed in Version3.6.13 
Summary0001769: play-sound-from-file: sound file is re-played after Alt-TAB
DescriptionWell, this is probably an issue not worth fixing, but I thought I'll report it anyway.

I am using play-sound-from-file a lot in my missions. After opening, for example, goal window (F4) and then switching to windows desktop and then back to the game, part of the last used sound file is played again.
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2009-01-20 00:24   
Is this still a problem?
2009-01-20 04:57   
me thinks so. I'll check in a bit.
2009-01-22 07:06   
Yup. Example:

"Proceed to next waypoint" is played. Alt-Tab to Windows and back again: "to next waypoint" is played. It is actually not related to the goal window, alt-tabing to windows and back again will set this off.

It is not a big issue, but I thought I'll report this anyway. ;)
2009-04-23 16:01   
Not just alt-tab will set this off. For me it also happens if I go to any window like goals, options etc, then go back to the game. I don't even need to alt-tab for this to happen.
2009-06-26 13:01   
-This is a Saga need-
2009-11-09 23:06   
I'm setting this as a goal for the next release but I'm not marking as high because you could probably play through the entire campaign and not encounter it.
2010-01-30 18:27   
(Last edited: 2010-01-30 18:30)
Problem seems to be that this kind of sound although set to loop=false is unpaused when returning to the gameplay from a screen that paused all sounds.
The sound is unpaused and therefore played again.
It should be set to be marked as already having played and not rewinded and paused. That might be the problem...

Might be better to not use the music routine but store it as a gamesound in the respective array like the ones parsed from the table. After that it could be handled like when called with the sexp play-sound-from-table.
It think the fact that these two sexps use an entirely different routine to load and play the file is part of the problem. play sound should be play sound. no matter where the sound comes from, file or table

2010-05-19 00:59   
Is this fixed with the new sound code?
2010-05-24 19:20   
It should be fixed, but I haven't heard that specifically. I haven't been able to reproduce something similar and I did fix a few bugs that might have been causing the problem. So I'm assuming that it is fix and will resolve this bug once the code hits SVN (going to commit to trunk later this week).
2010-05-29 11:52   
Assuming that it's fixed. Reopen if someone can still reproduce.


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