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0001735FSSCPmultiplayerpublic2008-07-24 15:132008-11-09 00:11
Assigned Totaylor 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001735: Clicking reset all on standalone results in infinite login loop
DescriptionNoticed one of my standalones wasn't showing up on FS2netD for some reason. Clicked the reset all button and it validated missions then started flashin something like verifying login and password. Couldn't really read it it was going so fast but just kept going. Had to do an alt-ctrl-del and end-task.
Additional InformationRunning Kara's 3.6.10 standalone fixes build.
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Attached Filesrar multi.rar (57,873) 2008-07-24 15:13
rar loginloop.rar (30,107) 2008-10-06 19:48

2008-07-25 05:02   
I'll take a look at it. Standalone bugs are now my highest priority.
2008-10-06 19:51   
(Last edited: 2008-10-06 19:52)
Just attached another set of logs. Not exactly the same circumstances but the same login loop. Set up the server last night and when I checked on it today it was just in an infinite login loop.

Guess I shouldn't have told Taylor I haven't seen this bug since the report yesterday. :)

Forgot to mention the other server I started at about the same time is still running.

2008-10-06 20:11   
Ok, think that I found the problem. I'll try and get you a new test build (along with the new lobby changes) in the next day or two.
2008-11-09 00:11   

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